Personal Data Notice

Welcome to Hafiz Norkhan & Co

We at Hafiz Norkhan & Co are always concerned about the protection of your Personal Data. This notice explains how our firm collects, processes your Personal Data and the security measures we take to ensure that your Personal Data is best protected.

Collection of Personal Data

"Personal Data" means information about you that you have provided to our firm, Hafiz Norkhan & Co. Personal Data including your name, address, telephone number, identity card, email address, personal references, details of your family members and bank account information including any information that can identify you that has been obtained, stored, used and processed by our firm.

Your Personal Data may also be taken from various sources, including but not limited to any event, conference, seminar or lecture organised or sponsored by us and/or from cookies when you access our firm's website at www.hafiznorkhan-legal .com.

Providing your Personal Data is voluntary. If you refuse to provide your Personal Data, we at Hafiz Norkhan & Co will of course not be able to communicate with you. Without the Personal Data you share with us, we also cannot provide the services you need perfectly, access certain sections of our website where login is required, or process your Personal Data for your career purposes.

Purpose of Personal Data Collection

The collection of Personal Data is intended for the services you request and/or for any activities related to our operations. Through this notice you have agreed and permitted Hafiz Norkhan & Co to use and process your Personal Data in the manner as stated in this notice which includes, without limitation to: -

  • To communicate with you;

  • To respond to questions and comments from you;

  • To assess your suitability for an internship and/or employment;

  • For internal administration purposes of our firm;

  • For the purpose of analysing our client's statistics;

  • For the purpose of sending festive messages, promotions or any special offers of our firm;

  • To provide information to authorities, courts and/or government agencies for any compliance under Malaysian laws and government;

  • To comply with obligations under Malaysian law;

  • For security and fraud prevention purposes;

  • For the purpose of inclusion in media assignments and/or any related ceremony;

  • For the purpose of our firm's printed publications and/or online publications;

  • For the purposes of editors/researchers in national and/or international law publications and journals;

Transfer of Personal Data

As information technology storage facilities and servers may be located in other jurisdictions, your Personal Data may be transferred, stored, used and processed in jurisdictions other than Malaysia. Further, your Personal Data may be transferred out of Malaysia for the purposes described in this notice where national and/or international legal publications and journals and/or potential clients are outside Malaysia.

You understand and agree to the transfer of your Personal Data out of Malaysia as described here.

How Processed

We process your Personal Data only for our use in performing our tasks and services. No Personal Data is submitted to third parties that may prejudice the security of your Personal Data.


We will disclose your Personal Data to: -

  • The courier appointed to deliver the document related to you;

  • To perfect our service and services; and

  • Authorities for legal purposes.

Security Measures

We take the following steps to protect your Personal Data: -

  • Ensuring that your Personal Data is properly stored in accordance with the requirements of Act 709.

  • Ensuring our staff do not misuse your Personal Data.

  • However, you are responsible for taking good care of your password and not disclosing it to other parties to avoid the risk of intrusion into your Personal Data.

Storage Period

We will keep your Personal Data for 7 years and/or as long as you are our client. If you are no longer our client, your Personal Data will be permanently be deleted.

Your Rights

You may at any time after the submission of your personal data to us, submit your request for access to your personal data by submitting such request to us at the address stated below in the event of: -

  • Accessing your Personal Data that we hold.

  • Correcting and/or updating your Personal Data.

  • Stop promoting our information to you.

  • Withdraw consent to process Personal Data.

Contact Us

Kindly contact us regarding your Personal Data through: -

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338, Jalan Tun Razak,

50400 Kuala Lumpur.

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